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The Construction Industry


 This Industry is constantly working to deadlines
 with  contract  penalty  clauses if  they  are not
 achieved.  They require  suppliers who respond
 quickly  and  effectively  to  their  demands  to
 ensure production is maintained.  Our contribution 
 to  this  Industry  is  to  offer  a  service
 reaction  utilising   our    Multi- daily  delivery
vehicles with the aim of assisting our customers
to achieve their targets

Materials :-

  Mild Steel: Tensile Steel: Stainless Steel, Brass:Aluminium:

Plastics, Nylon, Etc.
 Hexagon Bolts: Rawl Bolts: Parabolts: Hilti: Ramset: Liebig:
Woodscrews: Cocrete Fixings: Lindaptors: Britclips:Chemical Anchors:

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Specialist in Stainless Steel Fasteners

A4,A2 Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts.

A2,A4 Machine Screws Pan, Csk,Cheese.

A4,A2 Nuts, Washers, Plain, Shakeproof, Spring

A2.A4 Socket Capscrews, Setscrews, Button Heads

A2, A4 Machine Screws.