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The Petro-Chemical Industry



 On-shore  and  Off-shore  speed is extremely important,
for production to held up becomes a costly expense and
one we recognize and act upon with priority. You are a 
specialist industry using specialist products occasionally 
manufactured from exotic materials for  various reasons
i.e. improved corrosion resistance. Coatings are a 
  popular and less costly way to defend against corrosion 
i.e. Xylan, PTFE, Emralon, Fluon Halar, Eposeal, Zinc etc.
Quality Standards

BS EN ISO 9002


Full Release
Mechanical and Material Certificates
Commercial COC
Typical Bolting

B5, B6, B6X,
B7, B7M, B16,
B8, B8A, B8C,
B8CA, B8M, B8MA,
B8M2, B8M3, B8P
2H, 4, l4, 8T, 8M 

Steel Specification for Petrochemical Industry.JPG

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Specialist in Stainless Steel Fasteners

A4,A2 Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts.

A2,A4 Machine Screws Pan, Csk,Cheese.

A4,A2 Nuts, Washers, Plain, Shakeproof, Spring

A2.A4 Socket Capscrews, Setscrews, Button Heads

A2, A4 Machine Screws.