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Higher Quality Fasteners

Formal traceability for industrial fasteners is standard
practice and with every despatch note we supply a
 Certificate of Conformity with source surveillance.
Further levels of certification is available with traceability
back to the mill DIN 500049.3.1.B. including full mechanical
and chemical analysis.
Evolution in British Industry has manifested itself in various
ways, one of which is the improved level of quality
required to compete in today's sophisticated World Markets.

Listed below are quality services for customers who require a
very high standard of fastener
for which no formal standard is



100% Inspection
Hand Polished
Electro Polished
Burr Removal

Sharp Edges Removed
Full Material Certification
Full Test Certification
Lloyds Inspected

ASME Certified
ASTM Certified
ANSI certified
Traceable Back To Mill

Identification Stamp
Crack Detection
Full NDT Report
Packed Individually or Kitted

Thread Protection
Din 50049.3.1.B Certified
EN10.088-3 Certified
ID Part Nos Stamped, Etched,  Engraved
Gelatine Coating


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A2,A4 Machine Screws Pan, Csk,Cheese. A4,A2 Nuts, Washers, Plain, Shakeproof,
Spring A2.A4 Socket Capscrews, Setscrews, Button Heads A2, A4 Machine Screws.

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