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The Marine Industry



Environmental   conditions  in  this  Industry
are  extremely corrosive  and  requires
materials  with  high anti-corrosive  qualities.

To compliment our fasteners we can offer a
range of Marine tackle including shackles,
eye bolts, cleats, pulleys, hooks, blocks,
bollards, hinges, winches etc. in 316 & 304
Stainless Steel.

Standard   Stainless   Steel  fasteners   are 
made in several grades in varying strengths

Recommended  for  these  conditions would
be A4 316 Grade for its ability to withstand
highly  corrosive   salt  sea   spray    whilst
maintaining its finish.
If  strength  is  a  priority  A4-80 should be
your choice due to its minimum High Tensile
value of 800 N/mm2.
For fasteners used in more sheltered area's
out  of  direct  contact with salt sea spray,
A2  Stainless  Steel, Brass, or even coated
steels  may  be  an  option  e.g.      Nickel,
Chrome, Zinc, Galvanised, Xylan etc. 

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