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SWIFT  Fasteners Ltd

Thank you for this opportunity to  show  you a brief insight into our Company.  Formed in 1982, we have
a wealth  of experience within the fastener industry. Our  customers  stem  from  all  the  major industrial
categories,  each  requiring a variety of  "Quality"  and service levels with the emphasis given to speed 
and efficiency, finely tuned  to compliment the constantly improving  standards of our customers. We
thrive on a staple diet of same day completions, garnished with "Total Control  Management Systems"
uniquely fashioned to individual customers.

 Email: sales@swift-fasteners-ltd.co.uk
 Tele: 01453 825222
 Fax;   01453 827824


Specialist in Stainless Steel FastenersStainless Steel Fasteners, A4 Stainless Steel Screws, Captive Screws, A4 Fasteners, Sems Fasteners
sales@swift-fasteners-ltd.co.uk          Tele: 01453 825222... Fax;   01453 827824