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Managed Systems 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kab-Ban.

Swift Fasteners Ltd have gained an enviable reputation in
the development and implementation of bespoke Stock
Management Systems for specialist OEM organisations
in diverse sectors of industry.

Working in close liaison with procurement and all related
departments, our VMI systems offer innovation and solutions,
supporting lean manufacturing and highlighting cost effective
control. Important factors supporting our customers fastener
and Class 'C' component supply chain.

Stock Management Systems have been with us for many years.
We at Swift have developed pro-active systems finely tuned to
                             individual customers.                        

Primary Aims & Benefits 
of Management Systems:- 

Monitored Stock

Reduction of stock   ( thereby  Liquidizing  company assets.))
Stockholding Reduced  ( in line with production projections).)
Flexible maintenance of stock levels 
( geared to production predictions.) 
Increased productivity  (utilizing Swift mobile racking units.) 
Releasing staff ( from stores duty, for more productive use.)                

Once  you  have  made  the  decision  to  change  supplier  because  of
dissatisfaction  or to  implement  a   new system  with  all  the  benefits,
the next step is as follows:-

We  undertake to count  your stock and  pack into auditable quantities,
this  creates a  stock  value  and  allows   the  monitoring to commence.
We would anticipate stock levels to be higher than necessary, therefore
over the following months production would  reduce the stocking levels
naturally without replenishment, in line with your projections.

Discussions  over  usage  are vital  to  ensure  that  production  is  not 
compromised.  We  appreciate  your  estimated stock  figures are likely
to fluctuate  either way,  depending  on  your sales  contracts  but the
effectiveness  and  efficiency of the system relies  on good communica-
tions and if an increase in production is expected  then stock levels will
 be  increased. Equally  if a reduction is  expected the opposite applies.
On multi-product production lines, old products will be replaced by new
and  the fastener  itinerary  will  change along  with the quantities.  We
accept  and  expect  these  variations and  with  good  communications
changes will be seamless.

Initially  audit  dates  will  be  reflected  by  the  number  of  items  and
quantities, but  experience  tells us  that  after running in period audits
 will repeat weekly.

Replenishment is made directly to primary and / or secondary locations
by   Swift,  leaving   advice  notes  as  confirmation  of  parts  supplied.

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