High quality finely tuned standard and special fasteners, delivered with speed and efficiency.


British Standards Institute ISO 9002, Ministry of Defence (CNAC 5T3S01), Civil aviation authority (C2)


Dedicated team offering many years of technical experience and product knowledge.


Swift Fasteners can help you with the distribution / supply and sourcing of standard and special engineering / threaded fasteners and associated products along with surface processes and finishes.

We supply quality standard and special threaded engineering fasteners and offer a comprehensive selection of C class components, surface finishes and processes for use in production, R&D and maintenance environments.

Couple this with state of the art Vendor Managed Systems to manage your unique supply requirements and you’ll see why so many customers trust Swift for their Fastener supplies.

Product Range

Stainless Steel Fasteners
Environmental issues dictate the increasing use of stainless steel fasteners in today’s Industry. Standard Stainless Steel fasteners are made in several grades in varying strengths A2-50, A2-70, A4-70, A4-80 and A4 316. A4 316 Grade would be recommended for high anti-corrosive qualities. If strength is a priority A4-80 should be your choice due to its minimum High Tensile value of 800 N/mm2. We also supply Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Security Anti-Tamperproof Fastener
The use of security anti-tamperproof fasteners has become a necessity in today’s security conscience world. Many manufacturers are identifying critical areas of risk in their products either to the public, the operator or as a warranty deterrent and address these issues with the introduction of security fasteners. We offer a range of security fasteners in steel or stainless steel.
Vibration Proof Fasteners

The Tuflok Blue Nylon patch when applied is permanently fused onto the screw thread of the parent component, and increases the prevailing removal torque, allowing the screw to be locked in any position upon assembly.

Tuflok 180 is a blue nylon patch permanently fused to the screw thread. This process provides excellent vibration resistance and torque performance for all applications requiring controlled loading and re-usability.

Tuflok 360 gives full circumference coverage (completely around the thread) and is suitable for applications requiring a fully re-usable high pressure seal against liquid or gas.

Tuflok is effective, whether or not the fastener is fully seated, making it ideal for applications where continual adjustment is required.

Vibra-Stop used for micro size screws.
Sealing – Anuseal – Nyseal

Industry Approvals

Our Tuflok product is approved to a wide range of industry standards including:- DIN 267 part 28, BS 7715:1994, IFI#524,

Standard Fasteners

We supply a complete range of standard fasteners to British Industry from Micro screws used in the manufacture of computer equipment to fasteners used to build bridges.

Typical Materials include
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• 302 (A2)-316 (A4) 50,70 & 80 grade
• Titanium
• Brass
• Phosphour Bronze
• Aluminium
• Duralumin

Sheet Metal Fasteners

Including Rivet Bushes, Mini-Serts, Clinch Studs & Nuts, Self Clinching Studs & Nuts, PCB Inserts Self Clinching Blind & Through Stand-Offs.

Sheet Metal Fasteners

Including Rivet Bushes, Mini-Serts, Clinch Studs & Nuts, Self Clinching Studs & Nuts, PCB Inserts Self Clinching Blind & Through Stand-Offs.

Sems Units

To improve production speed and efficiency the use of Sems Units have become more popular in recent years. These units are available in various permutations i.e. Slotted, Pozi or Torx Drive. Pan, Cheese, Countersunk or Raised Countersunk Head with Plain Washer, Shakeproof and Spring Washer.

Materials include Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Plated.

Anti-vibration compound can be applied ( i.e.Tufloc) where the application requires.


Male and Female Spacers.

Materials Mild Steel: Brass CZ121:Stainless Steel AISI316 & 304: and Nylon.

Metric: Unified: Imperial

Wire Lock & Bleed Screws

Spark Eroded or Machine Drilled depending on material and hole size.

Electrical Terminals

The Electronics Industry is constantly evolving their products to keep ahead of their competitors.

We offer a range of termination products to support their manufacturing.
Pre-Insulated & Un-insulated Terminals, Cord End Ferrules, Copper Tube Terminals, Cable Ties and Saddle Mounts etc.

'C' Class Components

This category covers a range of ancillary products which can be integrated into the Managed Systems. The products range from plastic plugs and electrical connectors to tapes and labels, depending on the customer and their industry.

The main features of this innovation is the transfer of control and supply of these products which in turn gives the benefits in a reduction in the workload on your Purchasing Department.

These products can be monitored to the levels you set and replenished in accordance with the Managed System on a bi-weekly programme if required.

Quality assured and ISO Certified

Specials Service

To complement our range of standard fasteners we offer our Specials Service.

This service is for fasteners which are not included in the standard range. These fasteners are categorized under the heading Specials.

Methods Of Manufacture
Cold Formed, Hot Forged, Bar, Turned, Stamping, Grinding, Broaching, Drilling
Wire Lock Holes (Spark Erosion), Captive Screws All Sizes Bleed Screws.

Steel, Stainless Steel 302S21-441S49, Titanium, Brass, Phosphour, Bronze, Aluminium and Duralumin.