Quality and traceability

Formed in 1982 Swift Fasteners have a wealth of experience within the fastener industry. Serving customers in all the major industrial categories with a variety of Quality and Service requirements, we excel at meeting constantly improving standards with speed and efficiency.

Quality in action has been our philosophy since the beginning and to formalise our commitment to Quality, as well as the many individual customer approvals, we have approvals from the following official bodies:



Our Stock Control and  Management Systems

In addition to meeting set standards some customers require a quality of product achieved by hand finishing inspecting and packing. Working closely with the customer we achieve this level of quality thereby eliminating the expense of rejection.

Listed below are some of the quality services we provide for customers who require a very high standard of fastener for which no formal standard is available:

• 100% Inspection
• Hand or Electro Polished
• Burr Removal
• Sharp Edges Removed
• Full Material Certification
• Full Test Certification
• Lloyds Inspected
• ASME Certified
• ASTM Certified
• ANSI Certified

• Traceable Back To Mill
• Identification Stamp
• Crack Detection
• Full NDT Report
• Thread Protection
• Packed Individually or Kitted
• Din 50049.3.1.B Certified
• EN10.088-3 Certified
• ID Part Nos Stamped, Etched, Engraved
• Gelatine Coating

ISO 9001:2015
Traceable Back To Mill
Hand or Electro Polished

All of which gives us a great understanding of the quality needs of our customers.

Formal traceability for industrial fasteners is standard practice and with every dispatch note we supply a Certificate of Conformity with source surveillance. Further levels of certification are available with traceability back to the mill DIN 500049.3.1.B. including full mechanical and chemical analysis.

With our supply chain management and recording we add a level traceability that surpasses ISO qualification and allows us to meet the accreditation standards of our highly specialised and varied industry and defence customers.